High quality standard

Made in Germany

Our products bring solid, sturdy technology to our customers, intelligently developed and manufactured with highest accuracy. „Made in Germany“ is an obligation to us, delivering quality products that fulfil the highest German standards and are built free of faults. All our employees are highly qualified and commited to constant further learning.

We develop and manufacture all our products in Germany, at our headquarters in Bergneustadt. Pooling all our competence in one location guarantees the spotless integration of all our systems, from display module to software and control hardware.


Service focus

Service orientation begins with the first customer contact. Our staff and our partners deliver advice, help with planning and preparation and organize the actual installation. In the aftermath they guarantee lifelong maintenance. We are approachable and good listeners, because we see our products as part of a solution for our customers.


As a traditionial family-owned company with a long history, innovation always had to be part of our DNA. We have always been forward-thinking and pro-active when it comes to changes in our industry and the needs of our customers. Sustainability and long-term cooperation are in the forefront of our thinking. Our holistic approach makes change a constant, ongoing process. Ideas grow from our know-how and the communication between staff, partners and customers.

Features of our production process

/ realisation of customer specific designs
/ state-of-the-art construction and engineering
/ automated coating of our SMD moduls
/ automated profile processing

/ screen printing
/ digital printing
/ punch press
/ 100% burn-in testing by our quality management team


As additional security for our customers and as benchmarking for our suppliers we are certified according to DIN EN 1090.

Technical Innovations

    LED backlight with a long service life and enormous energy savings.

    The SMD lies flat on the interface and discharges the heat directly into the environment via the copper surface.

  • OPS-2 (Outdoor Protection System)
    Special potting technology for the protection of SMD digits. An in-house development of PWM which guarantees IP67 for SMD LED digits.

    The PWM Z-diode protects the LED against high voltage and heat.
    This preserves the long service life of the SMD LED.