Digital Signage

The modern, highly flexible addition to the original price display: Professional LED displays from full sized displays (Profitboard) to small integrated solutions (digital price signs on shelves).

The PWM Profitboard offers the perfect solution for advertizing, news and information. Either integrated in the price mast or as standalone option the Profitboard displays text, pictures and video in Full Colour (RGB) or Mono Colour. Affordable Retrofit solutions are available.

Advertizing messages in realtime

Maximize your ad impact via realtime offers and news, featuring absolute freedom in design. Of course realtime is not the only option – you can plan ahead up to a year and allow the display to change content automatically.


/ easy installation and usage
/ Windows operating system
/ low energy footprint

/ Standalone or modular
/ multiple colour modes possible
/ calendar function for content scheduling up to 1 year in advance