Compact price signs overview

State-of-the-art technology and an attractive appearance indicate high performance and customer-friendly service, even from a distance. You would like to modernise, or are in the process of renovating your gas station? No problem – PWM offers you the right building blocks for your success. From planning and consulting to a customised appearance on the basis of a strong design, right through to the practical execution, you can get everything from a single source at PWM. Amongst our sophisticated and maintenance-free compact price signs, you will find just the right one to meaningfully upgrade your gas station and secure your market position. Check out our wide range of compact price signs. We would be happy to advise you.

Digit height 80 mm - SMD LED

Digit height 175 mm - SMD LED

Digit height 400 mm – SMD LED

Digit height 400 mm – Electro Magnetic Flapboard

Digit height 500 mm – SMD LED

Digit height 500 mm – Electro Magnetic Flapboard