More than surviving

PWM sees Covid19 as a challenge for the future

German electronic display manufacturer PWM is a family business: Family owned, family run and working together like family. Responsibility for all the people working for or with the company is part of the corporate philosophy – and the current Corona crisis is no exception.

No interruptions in production and absolutely no compromise in quality of products and services is important for PWM’s customers all around the globe. This high standard was maintained while keeping all employees safe at all times. But there is another element to the sudden change of circumstances: Innovation.

The fuel station industry has never been a stranger to change, and Covid19 might have been a faster than usual development, but it only emphasizes changes about to come anyway.

Digitalisation for the new decade

Life moved online at high speed when lockdown struck most of the world. Many businesses nobody expected to thrive on the web suddenly do, and from one moment to the other everybody knows Zoom. This isn’t really a surprise – the technology exists for quite a while. The current crisis simply accelerates the migration to online services. But in an exciting counter-development, more and more people become painfully aware of how important face-to-face interaction is, how much they rely on travel and individual mobility to socialize, communicate and get things done. When Covid19 loses its grip on the population, two things are bound to happen:

  • Travel will pick up, especially individual travel, reviving the fuel station industry and
  • people on the road will rely on augmented services on mobile devices even more than now, because this is what they are doing right now while on lockdown.