Flexible control options and intelligent system control

Our price sign systems can be controlled in different ways. It depends on which communication and digit technology you choose:

 /  By IMD infrared remote control with a range of approx. 10 metres 
 /  Via point of sale and data transfer via cable 
 /  Via point of sale and radio transmission 
 /  By remote control by means of a web interface (intranet/Internet)


Intelligent communication technology

TRACK provides you with a flexible control facility for the price sign. The price sign can be controlled via a wireless and cable connection. In addition, the intelligent system TRACK allows data from the price sign to be received and monitored in real time. The data is accessed throughout the world via an intranet or the Internet. TRACK finally gives you the opportunity to check, control and change your price signs, right down to the individual SMD LEDs. TRACK provides the option of identifying functional deviations down to individual SMD LEDs and responding before a fault occurs. Downtime is drastically reduced due to an automated process. This saves not only money, but also cash.  

Flexibility of control

EASY provides you with flexible control facilities for the price sign. In addition to the basic option with control via infrared remote control, the prices can be transmitted via a cable connection with a control unit (CU) and the appropriate interface.

If there is no data cable to the price sign, we provide a reliable wireless solution. The AMCS-extension of the control unit (CU) gives you an additional feedback system. The data is transmitted to you by web interface. You are able to respond promptly in the event of faults.

This allows possible downtime to be reduced.

Manual price adjustment

The UNO technology is characterised by a high IP standard for the power supplies and is available with a variety of digits. The prices are adjusted via infrared remote control.

TRACK is particularly suitable in the case of:

 /  unmanned stations
 /  multiple stations (including worldwide)
 /  interest in intelligent control systems
 /  interest in automated processes
 /  interest in a feedback system

EASY is particularly suitable in the case of:

 /  interest in flexible control facilities
 /  interest in automated processes

UNO is particularly suitable in the case of:

 /  interest in a manual price adjustment
 /  interest in a low price technology