Roller Blind digit technology

Communication success with Roller Blind digits

Scrolling digit technology is perfect when it comes to realising customised design ideas or a corporate identity. Everything is possible: all colours, your own corporate identity including your corporate typeface. The energy-saving system has a reliable technology for all climate zones and only requires power when the prices are adjusted. The system is controlled by a motor. An infrared light barrier guarantees an exact positioning of the price. The backlit digits are particularly easily legible, with the height of the digits varying between 170 and 500 mm. 

The benefits at a glance:

/ Customised typeface
/ Free selection and combination of colours
/ Minimal power consumption
/ Good legibility
/ Digit backlight
/ High temperature and weather resistance
/ Modular structure


Digit examples

  • Roller Blind digit technology

    Roller Blind digit technology