ONE for all

PWM is the only supplier in the market to offer all marketable digit technologies for price displays. No matter which technology you prefer or need for your corporate design, we have the solution for your fuel station.

smd-led technologY

PWM's SMD LED digit technology combines form and function and guarantees IP67 through a special robotic coating process that seals the digits. Our LEDs are thus protected from weather, shock and corrosion, and can withstand extreme climatic conditions.  

With this price display technology, form is in no way inferior to function. It combines luminosity with efficient signal effect and modern design. The display automatically adjusts to the ambient brightness and regulates itself. The PWM SMD LED is especially energy-saving with a long lifetime.

Of course, product names can also be displayed with SMD LED.





IP 67 protection


High temperature and 
weather resistance

Viewing angle up to 120

Variants 7,13, multi-segments

single-row and multi-row


Good readability due to automatic 256-level brightness adjustment

Modular system

Simple upgrading/Retrofitting

Exchange of individual digits

Protection system

Heat and overvoltage

Integrated temperature control

Success non stop
ROLLENBAND technologie

Roller blind is the perfect technology when it comes to implementing individual design ideas or corporate identity. The choice of typeface and colors is absolutely free. 



Roller blind 
digit technology


High temperature and 
weather resistance

Free choice of colours (RAL)

Good readability

Minimal power consumption

Customised typeface

Modular construction

consistent classic

Segment displays were the most important innovation on the way to modern electronic price displays, and PWM was a pioneer. These electromagnetic segment digits convince with their resistance and robustness against low and high temperatures, as well as with a very low power consumption, since the system only needs energy during price adjustments.

It is available in many color combinations and your segment display is easily readable by day and night.





High temperature and 
weather resistance

Free choice of colours (RAL)

Good readability

Minimal power consumption

Electromagnetic control

Variants with 7 or 9 segments